JMN Studio Pictures Presents LIAISON

The premiere film for JMN Studios by James A. Molnar.

LIAISON is a French foreign language film (with English subtitles). 

About the Film

From the St. Francis de Sales School newspaper The Lance (Friday, June 3, 2005): America’s Oscar, France’s Le César and Mr. Loomis’ Le Cretin all share one commonality: excellence in film-making. Throughout its twenty-year history, Le Cretin has only been awarded six or seven times “when professionalism of the movie and the French reaches a certain level,” describes Mr. Loomis. In 2005, Mr. Loomis once again had his AP French IV students compete for the coveted award and there was a movie that was victorious. Seniors James A. Molnar, Sean Morris, and Junior Brain Dabbs won for Liaison, a story of romance and intrigue that comes off as a comedy, at least to Mr. Loomis. Previous winners of the award include Scott Secrest and Wade Kapszukiewcz. Mr. Secrest (with Jon Brunt) won the award in 1995 for his film Adventures of Stéphen, a tale about the stories Mr. Loomis told frequently in class, but also intertwines the year’s musical (Anything Goes) and the plot of Les Misérables.

Teaser Trailer

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Original trailer music by James A. Molnar

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