JMN Studio Pictures Presents TRANSFER

James A. Molnar's latest film, TRANSFER, is a harrowing tale of a transfer student who has an unexpected welcome on arrival that will change his life forever.

About the Film

James A. Molnar decided to make a movie for his film class' final project at Marquette during the spring 2009 semester. He loved the idea of creating a story around a student zombie. From there, TRANSFER was born.

James work with classmates and friends, Amanda Pink and Terri Sheridan, to come up with a cohesive story, after which he went to work on the screenplay.

Kristine McGinley, a close friend, designed the "creatures" for the film. Utilizing her prowess in makeup, she found the best way to visually tell the transfer student's story.

This is James A. Molnar's second film for JMN Studio Pictures.

Teaser Trailer

The exclusive first look premiered during the "Chatting up a STORM" College Finale in 2009.

Behind the Scenes

Take a look at the making of TRANSFER in 2009 in Milwaukee.

Watch the full short film

View the entire movie right here. And make sure to stick around to the very end of the film...